Long live the NERD!!!

25 shades of ORANGE CULTURE: Happy Birthday to Nigeria’s brightest Menswear designer Adebayo Oke Lawal Turns 25 today the 4th of March 2015, 10,000 words can’t describe the awesomeness of his pieces from the his daring androgynous statements, his use of … Continue reading

Look-book review: The Classisist by Mcmeka.

The centenary of bespoke pieces have been inescapable in the Nigerian Fashion Industry, its most extraordinary manifestation being the red tide of hundreds of thousands of properly crafted suits, blazers and coats invading our runways year after year. It would … Continue reading

Blood and Bones by IAMISIGO

A collection inspired by the beauty of the human body. IAMISIGO’s pieces radiate a unique combination of colors, style and self-exermination. God bless her for the gigantic inspiration and motivation this collection has added to the fashion industry. “BLOOD AND BONES” which was inspired by her journey into motherhood features a lot of mouth watering pieces and that every fashion lover would fall in love with a first sight.

“A collection created while I was pregnant, my body went through so many changes. My “blood” and my “bones” were creating another being, my son. My body inspired me to create a collection that reflects my innermost workings.”  – Bubu OgisiImageImageImagearImage