The “Solace” Is Here!

Menswear Designer: Temitayo Nathan Illesanmi the creative director of the jaw-dropping menswear label: T.I Nathan Bespoke unveils its Spring/Summer 2014 collection titled “Solace.”

We don’t need a magician to tell us that Nathan knows what he is doing; one look at the beautifully laid-out look book photos and you can already feel the comfort of a good bespoke brand. Nothing speaks better of a stylish man, than the ability to pull off a simple but yet stylish look. This look book has its all, from; stylish details like asymmetrical cuts, popping colours, zips and prints and a sharp colour contrast to add the mobile spotlight to your every move!

According to the brand, “the collection is inspired by finding some form of comfort in simple, clean and minimal appearance”. This collection is for the refined minimalist who strives for an effortless style. There is nothing to hate in this collection as far as I am concerned, so explore the “Solace”!

Creative Direction: Temitayo Nathan
Stylist: Mag Payne
Photographer: Tope Horpload (HorploadWorks)
MUA: Thelma Uwadiale (Bella Mere)
Models: Toyin Oyeneye, Seun Kobina, Ayo Morafa

Photo from: OnoBello.comT.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-15-600x400 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-14-600x400 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-13-600x400 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-11-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-10-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-9-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-7-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-6-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-5-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-4-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-3-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-2-399x600 T.I-Nathan-Solace-Collection-BellaNaija-April-2014-1-399x600