5 Ways To Wear Monochromes Without Looking Boring.

Black and white are everyone’s go-to colours of choice when it comes to fashion, but we underestimate the power of monochrome. It’s clearly our go-to look for a reason! The monochrome trend is one of the most influential fashion trends to date, and it is one that will never go out of style because it is so easy to pull off and is flattering for every body shape and skin colour.

Here 5 easy ways to pulling off the timeless monochrome trend this season.

1. Add a New Element

Because these colours are mainstays each season it can be easy to fall into a style routine that can leave your outfit looking flat. It’s okay to be a little repetitive from time to time, but the key with wearing monochrome is to always try to factor in a new element that references seasonal trends in order to keep the look fresh.


2. Add a Splash of Colour

Monochrome look can be elevated with a splash of colour. But an easier way to introduce colour is with accessories like a colourful pair of shoes, a statement coat or a bright clutch.


3. Fabrics With Textures

Wearing only black and white tones can become monotonous so keep things interesting by introducing texture to your look. Choosing fabrics of varying textures will not only create dimension but will give your look a luxe feel.


4. Monochrome Prints

Adding prints can also elevate a monochrome outfit from basic to chic, so try for simple prints like stripes, checks and graphic abstract prints to give your outfit that little something extra.


5. Wear it With Denim

This timeless trend is easy to update every season no matter how elaborate or simple the look may be. Staple blue denim jeans work well paired with monochrome hues this season for a more relaxed take on the trend, but the sky really is the limit when it comes to the different ways you can style this trend.



Called from TrendSpotter.

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