Long live the NERD!!!


25 shades of ORANGE CULTURE:

Happy Birthday to Nigeria’s brightest Menswear designer Adebayo Oke Lawal Turns 25 today the 4th of March 2015, 10,000 words can’t describe the awesomeness of his pieces from the his daring androgynous statements, his use of fabrics like; Organza, silk, adire and other fabrics that have over the years been restricted in menswear, his fierce details and cut to his dapper looking blazers, all part of what make Adebayo the new king of cool.


Orange culture is not here to make you “comfortable” with the clothes we make, we are here to create clothes that tell interesting stories!” said Adebayo. Fashion lyrics sings his praises with 25 story telling pieces that have inspired the sartorial heart to dream, explore and be different with fashion. At the young age of 25, Adebayo’s mark is already a strong legendary sub-culture of what the future of cool look like.

Here’s our 25 shades of Orange-Culture:

IMG_9459-as-Smart-Object-1-400x600 IMG_9468-as-Smart-Object-1-400x600 IMG_9488-as-Smart-Object-1-400x600 IMG_9526-as-Smart-Object-1-400x600 IMG_9537-as-Smart-Object-1-400x600 ORANGE-CULTURE_LookBook_LOWRES-4 ORANGE-CULTURE_LookBook_LOWRES-38 ORANGE-CULTURE_LookBookPT2_LOWRES-55 orange-culture-look-book-resort-20145 orange-culture-look-book-resort-20148 Orange-Culture-Pieces-of-Her-Collection-Bellanaija-November-2014002 Orange-Culture-Pieces-of-Her-Collection-Bellanaija-November-2014005 Orange-Culture-Pieces-of-Her-Collection-Bellanaija-November-20140010 Orange-Culture-Pieces-of-Her-Collection-Bellanaija-November-20140011 Orange-Culture-Pieces-of-Her-Collection-Bellanaija-November-20140018 TFK20131030_31 TFK20131030_37 TFK20131030_47 TFK20131030_56 TFK20131030_64 TFK20131030_73 TFK20131030_78 TFK20131030_94 TFK20131030_96 TFK20131030_101

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