2015 Menswear Wardrobe update (Refresh your style).

Are you’re suffering from a seriously depleted bank balance or carrying a few extra bills this new year, there are several reasons why your personal style may be taking a back seat at the moment. But it’s time to buck up and look sharp for 2015 and the start of a new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate and refresh your personal style. After all, our wardrobes and looks can quickly become stale if we don’t experiment and push ourselves to try new things.

Not to worry tho, Here’s five  easy style add-ons you can use to switch up your style game this year!



Striped tailoring is a key 2015 trend that can be easily adapted to your personal taste and confidence level. Classic tailoring devotees will appreciate the return of the pinstripe suit (as seen on the SS15 runways of labels such as Dior Homme), while those leaning towards the casual end of the spectrum can choose from boating blazers covered in colourful block-stripes, cricket designs, as well as sleek and contemporary monochrome versions.

Early adopters have been spotted flouting traditional sartorial rules on stripes, clashing horizontal and vertical styles for an eye-catching contrast – something we’re not averse to, so long as you bear in mind basic colour matching principles and vary the thickness of the stripes to provide clear definition between pieces. For example, try your pinstripe suit with a vertical striped (mid-width) dress shirt and diagonal/horizontal block-striped tie.

For those who are a little more cautious, but still eager to try this trend out, why not opt for a classic button-down shirt with stripes that are slightly wider or in a more striking hue than what you’ve stuck to in the past?




Your jeans – those trusty wardrobe staples that serve as a blank canvas for virtually any look you may decide to come up with – will be taking centre stage this year. The coming months will see many of us using our denim pieces – which go beyond jeans and trucker jackets to pea coats, blazers and even full suits for SS15 – in a slightly different way. Instead of anchoring your outfit, these items will become the focal point, as seen on the runways at Prada (where exaggerated jeans stitching and detailing made an impression) and Dior Homme (where denim came washed and paint-splattered) and even our very own Mai Atafo at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. With designers continuing to re-interpret denim each season, it’s high time we started viewing this fabric as more than simply the makings of a sturdy jacket or pair of jeans.




If by any chance Moshood Fattah is reading this I am sure he must be frowning his face, the reason most men feel threatened by soft and gentle colors I don’t know, maybe they see it as a display of weakness but like it or not this is a must try for the bold and daring fashion savvy gentleman.

A welcome departure from the dark, sombre colours of winter, soft shades of green, blue, yellow and pink will soon be dominating stores in anticipation of improved weather. If you’re looking to give your casual outfits an instant lift, opt for washed or garment-dyed pieces in pastel tones and lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Remember that these are best teamed with neutral, warm-weather hues such as beige, white and light grey. Investing in a few key pieces now will set you up for spring/summer well in advance.

For the (transitional) time being, what about a pale pink button-down shirt or a powder blue cashmere jumper, worn under your suit? If you’re game, then be sure to combine these pastel pieces with accessories that complement their soft and summery nature. For example, swap your dark brown brogues for a lighter tan pair, or try a tonal neck tie that’s a single shade darker than your shirt.




We’ve spent a good chunk of the past decade trying to navigate the relatively uncharted territory of ‘man bags’ – from ‘murses’ to ‘mlutches’ – with varying degrees of success. In 2015, we’re coming full circle and bringing the backpack back like never before.

Designers blew the familiar backpack up for spring/summer 2015, giving this functional mainstay some groundbreaking treatments. At Fendi, there were bold fur-covered styles, while Versace’s over the top, fully equipped rucksack suddenly made backpacking look a hell of a lot more luxurious.

If you’re not planning on a getaway any time soon, then you could look to wear one of these with your suit to work. Keep it sober, in high-grade leather, and definitely monochrome (think black or slate grey). The classic round, zip closure backpack with minimal detailing is your safest bet.

Now’s the time to give your holdall and briefcase a much-needed break.




Clothes are set to get a little roomier in 2015. But don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you’ll be going back to baggy, 1990s-inspired skater styles. Rather, we’re finally moving away from the skin-tight tailoring and denim that has epitomised the last decade.

Given their popularity on the runways and growing presence on shop floors, wide-legged trousers and roomier shirts aren’t just a trend but a new and burgeoning direction in menswear, changing the way we dress for the long run.

If you’ve been growing weary of confining your fit to slim or skinny, 2015 is the year to branch out into straight cut legwear, boxier suit jackets, longline tees/shirts and lounge wear separates that drape around your frame rather than cling to it. Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier wholeheartedly embraced the wider silhouette for spring/summer 2015, showing both tailored and sporty pieces that were cut generously.

If you’re going bigger for 2015, just remember that this look is all about easy, fuss-free elegance and not lazy messiness – be sure to get the balance right.



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