Much Ado About Madonna.

Madonna wants to remind you of something rather important. Her feature story for Interview magazine reasserts a vital fact that may have gotten lost in the pop culture shuffle: In a world of female power players — the likes of which seem to change by the week — Madge has remained the queen.

madonna-interview-mert-marcus-16 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-17 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-18Interview magazine calls Madonna “the living paradigm for the character-based, image-centric presentation of an artist.” As the cover star of Interview ‘s December issue, the songstress shows you exactly what that means. In an interview with friend David Blaine, Madonna addresses everything from failure to the benefits of being the dumbest person in the room. And, she’s gone topless for the accompanying photo shoot. Presenting: an exclusive first look at Madonna’s editorial spread, plus the images that will remind you who’s queen bee around here. Ahead, how Madge does NSFW.

madonna-interview-mert-marcus-01 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-15 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-14 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-13 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-12 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-11 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-10 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-09 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-08 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-07 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-06 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-05 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-04 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-03 madonna-interview-mert-marcus-02

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