Premium Standards: Opeyemi and Aamito Stacie Lagum For Ingqephu Magazine.

The Africa’s Next Top Model winner Aamito Stacie Lagum & runner up Opeyemi Awoyemi, have been hard at work with editorials. This one for Ingqephu Magazine sets them off into a more promising future. The pair was shot by Photographer, Jurie Potgitier wearing fab pieces from African designers like the pink cape and dress by David Tlale, shoes by Thula Sindi, accessories by Ikaya and more.

I personally love this editorial because of its true African representation in it eccentricity of colors and African accessories,  with Opeyemi serving it pretty good we cant wait to see what she has in store for us next!

Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine- Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine1 Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine7 Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine-gf Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine-gyu Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine-ho Africas-Next-Top-Models-Opeyemi-Aamito-Stacie-Lagum-for-Ingqephu-Magazine-r

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