Men’s Fashion Trend: Patterned Suits for a formal statement.

It seems that menswear is not ready to let go of its infatuation with print and pattern just yet and as a result, one developing new trend for AW14 is the statement suit. Not something that is appropriate for true formal occasions, designers have applied everything from checks and stripes to spots and graphics to this bastion of menswear, clearly with one eye on party season…

CHECKS: Etro managed to demonstrate that bold checked tailoring is able to make a strong yet sophisticated statement with his collection.

Etro 1 Etro 3 Etro 4 Etro 6

GEOMETRIC: E. Tautz went on to showcase a broken geometric check that utilised Tetris-like squares across a suit and matching oversized overcoat in black and slate grey tones.

E. Tautz E.Tautz 1 E.Tautz 4 E.Tautz3

BOLD-STRIPES: McQueen went on to feature suits in an alternative, but just as popular pattern: stripes. Coming in a tonal monochrome palette, these stripes were chunky and oversized and applied to both blazers and trousers.

Alexander McQueen 2 Alexander McQueen 3 Alexander McQueen 5 Alexander Mcqueen 6

PINSTRIPES : Salvatore Ferragamo was an extremely prominent advocate, with the brand’s first striped suit featuring a wide, chalk stripe pattern in a double-breasted cut. Ferragamo’s most eye-catching statement suit was a striped version in burnt orange and brown – certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

Salvatore Ferragamo 1 Salvatore Ferragamo 6 Salvatore Ferragamo 7

Salvatore Ferragamo




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