Fashion Throwback: The Illusionist by Mario Testino.

Saskia de Brauw is photographed by Mario Testino and styled by Lucinda Chambers in the editorial ‘The Illusionist’ from the November 2011 issue of British Vogue. Fashion photography has a lot more meaning than its visual appeal and this editorial a whole lot of meaning to a creative mind.

Saskia de Brauw’s beautiful aloofness in these Mario Testino images underscores the complexity of female sensuality, and not only the model as pawn to both the photographer and culture, a secondary message perhaps. The question about what the true illusionist message comes to mind; Is it the cloths? or Saskia herself?

The cloths are a structural wonder to behold, they details carry so much glamour and are perfectly crafted to define the irregularity in the sexiness of a woman’s figure! What made you think a figure 8 what the only sexy figure a woman can be seen in? Look at these pictures and think again. Being SEXY is an illusion you can create with any shape and pattern, just get the fitting right and put up a confidence like Saskia’s poise and elegance and you’ll be sexy enough to rule the world!

Illusionist-fashiontography-1 Illusionist-fashiontography-2 Illusionist-fashiontography-3 Illusionist-fashiontography-4 Illusionist-fashiontography-5 Illusionist-fashiontography-6 Illusionist-fashiontography-7 Illusionist-fashiontography-8 Illusionist-fashiontography-9 (1) Illusionist-fashiontography-10


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