Penelope Cruz by Nico for Esquire!

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is photographed by Nico for the November 2014 “Sexiest Woman Alive” issue of Esquire magazine. The expression of freedom for the feminine mind is very key to the success of any society, that’s why I very much appreciate the expression of  freedom and empowerment in the editorial for this particular issue!

The term: SEXY is fast losing its sexual meaning and is growing to represent a more sophisticated and powerful term for women! As the photos in this editorial show off her feminine features, the message that the body of a woman isn’t something that should be expressed with fear or restrictions is embedded into the mind of its reader. If a Mans bear chest is alarming to the general public, why should a Woman’s curves be hidden?

So the world should get used to accepting a woman’s body for its beautiful and confident effect as opposed to the alarming response we get when we see a flash of skin from a woman s neckline.

esquire-cruz-fashiontography-1 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-2 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-3 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-4 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-5 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-6 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-7 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-8 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-9 esquire-cruz-fashiontography-cover

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