Zizi Cardow’s “Gothic & Chic” Collection from Native and Vogue!

Nigerian Fashion brand Zizi Cardow was one of the designers that showcased at the Native and Vogue Fashion Week Port Harcourt . The brand is known for its use of local fabrics, the very creative designer lived up to expectation. She employed Ankara generously in her stunning collection of dresses, trousers, crop tops, and maxi skirts. Black Chiffon fabrics were also used giving it a gothic elegant and chick look. Her characteristic train also made a statement.

Zizi’s Iconic designs date back to the early 1990’s of the Nigerian fashion scene, her pieces have always been truly African in fine print and vivid colors in a western cuts and shapes! View the full collection below:

1-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow- 2-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 3-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 4-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow- 5-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow- 6-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 7-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 8-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 9-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 10-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 11-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow-OnoBello-927 12-PHIFW_ Zizi C 13-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 14-PHIFW_ Zizi Car 15-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 16-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 17-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 18-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 19-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 20-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 21-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 22-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 23-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 24-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 25-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow 27-PHIFW_ Zizi Cardow

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