White Noise: Love at first sight!

To further testify of the anticipated outburst of exceptional talent we would witness at #LFDW2014, iamISIGO who I featured in my top 10 best designer showcases of #LFDW2013: Debuts her resort 2015 Collection Titled ‘White Noise’

White Noise. The main focus of this beautiful collection seems to be monochrome and stripes as it features so many monochrome and striped pieces. The pieces in the collection include beige and black striped dungarees, kimonos, buttoned down cropped top and side mesh pencil skirt, sleeveless satin robes, loose fitted jumpsuits and much more.

Scroll down to view more photos from the collection.

photo credit: Onobello.com

1-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 2-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 3-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 4-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 5-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 6-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 7-IamISIGO-1OnoBello-809 8-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 9-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 10-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 11-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 12-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 13-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 14-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 15-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809 16-IamISIGO-OnoBello-809

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