Beyonce: Fashion On the Run!


As for the rest of Beyoncé’s On The Run wardrobe, the show’s multiple outfit changes included a peek-a-bum black bodysuit, a cleavage-baring and studded denim romper and a glittering fringe one-piece.

I’ve been stalking Bey and Jay’s fashion choices since the tour kicked off, and now I bring to you Queen Bey’s On the run wardrobe collection! Enjoy…….

bey1 bey2 bey3 bey4 bey5

beyjay7 beyjay6 beyjay5 beyjay4 beyjay3 beyjay2 beyjay1 beyjay

32-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 31-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 30-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 29-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 28-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 27-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 26-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 25-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 24-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 23-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 22-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 21-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 20-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 18-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 17-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716 1-OnTheRun-OnoBello-716

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