The DENOLA Obsession!

The strength of ones character lies not in what he looks like, but in what’s in his heart and in his mind- Denola Grey.  Meet the new  connoisseur of style, Denola is a style revolution representing the new generation with his impeccable image. Thank God for his uncle, who was his style inspiration while he was growing up! Its one thing to dress well, and its a totally different thing to positively motivate other to dress well: And thats what Denola does, his fashion sense is simply revolutionary and its nothing short of a perfect work of art. From his stunning outfit at MMR 2013 to the Launch of his website, Denola has blessed our minds with the most creative looks.

I haven’t met Denola yet, but just from looking at his style creations I feel a vibe of positivity and it makes me a happier person. His sense of style inspires a sense of confidence and wellness, and that’s the obsession I am referring to. Fashion isn’t all Glamour and elegance, we have to dress with the inspiration of other at heart. Denola’s free and positive spirit inspires me to feel free to express myself in true happiness and that why his style is my fashion obsession!

See some of the Jaw-Dropping pictures from his website, and for more just click HERE

Photography By Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun

Denola Grey 3 Denola Grey 4 Denola Grey Denola Grey1 Denola Grey4 Denola Grey5 Denola Grey6 Denola Grey7 Denola Grey8 Denola Grey9 Denola Grey10


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