Jeremy Scott Debuts His First Menswear Line for Moschino at London Collections: Men

This was one of my best shows at the recently concluded: London Collection : Menswear! The prints, the cuts, the cuts, the smileys, the flags left London buzzing as Jeremy Scott made his menswear debut as the new creative director for Italian megabrand Moschino. Who better than Scott to revive the popular ’90s brand and expand its audience to the ever important 25-and-under power spending crowd? The show opened up with some eye-catching psychodelic prints that incorporated the iconic Coca-Cola logo and looked like they could have come off of Scott’s own eponymous line. But the show quickly moved into a segment that was classically Moschino, incorporating the hous’ use of the smiley face and world flags. Moschino’s signature use of black and gold and logo accessories were included as well, which brought more than a few people in the audience back to their glory days of Moschino die-hard fandom. The show also included a handful of denim pieces, but that may have been the one category that was truly missing from this debut collection. In it’s day, Moschino was known for its denim in various incarnations, but Scott is a master showman and creator, and for a first go at his new gig and for menswear overall, he has already made his mark this season.

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