Versace-pre Spring/Summer 2015.

Donatella is the mother of print, as she continues her vision of liberating the Versace Woman by making a Languid collection that gives the Versace girl a chance to breath.  See her intoxicating and vivacious prints come alive in sharp cuts and swift designs.

The color palette was soft with tones of Lemon-Green, lilac, gold, black and multicolored patterns. Yet again she refuses to barricade her design to a particular style or shape: we see short and long gowns, Cutouts and dramatic necklines, long and short sleeved dresses, short skirts and even suits. Take a look at the all new Versace woman……….

Photo Credit:

Versace_001_2000_426x639 Versace_002_2000_320x480 Versace_003_2000_320x480 Versace_004_2000_320x480 Versace_005_2000_320x480 Versace_006_2000_320x480 Versace_007_2000_320x480 Versace_008_2000_320x480 Versace_009_2000_320x480 Versace_010_2000_320x480 Versace_011_2000_320x480 Versace_012_2000_320x480 Versace_013_2000_320x480 Versace_014_2000_320x480 Versace_015_2000_320x480 Versace_016_2000_320x480 Versace_017_2000_320x480 Versace_018_2000_320x480 Versace_019_2000_320x480 Versace_020_2000_320x480 Versace_021_2000_320x480 Versace_022_2000_320x480 Versace_023_2000_320x480 Versace_024_2000_320x480 Versace_025_2000_320x480 Versace_026_2000_320x480 Versace_027_2000_320x480

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