The “Doctrine of Style part 1” By the Okunoren twins.

The Okunoren twins have been inspiring the style scene for over a decade now, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Following the launch of their retail store in Lagos, they recently unveiled their latest collection “Doctrine of Style Part1.” This collection is nothing but out of this world featuring luxurious fabrics in velvety textures, wool, Aso oke in a mix of sleek designs and fine tailoring. Taiwo and Kehinde Okunoren are known for their knack in combining sharp and casual designs with traditional style and elegance.

This collection is filled with wearable pieces like the suits made from velvet, pique, fine pure wool with fleur de Lys frogging, shorts made from Aso Oke and cotton and tunics coupled with matching trousers. The brand has also added a new item to its trademark brand – the new Oxford lace up shoes and sandals. I love these pieces and I cant wait to see what part 2 will look like! What do you think about  “Doctrine of Style Part1” ?

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