MAC’s Maleficent Collection!


MAC’s Maleficent-inspired collection has finally been unveiled, and it’s just as wickedly covet-able as expected. Blood-red glosses, sweeping lashes and skin-perfecting powders and highlighters all offer the beautiful drama and colour pay-off required by a Disney villain – after all, if Angelina Jolie’s make-up in teasers for the film is anything to go by, nothing but flawless precision with a large dose of villainy will do.

“Everyone is familiar with the look of the original Maleficent cartoon character. It’s intimidating and hard to bring a cartoon character to life. Therefore, we chose to rethink the look rather than redesign it,” said Rick Baker, who worked on the special-effects make-up for the film and has previously created his own MAC collection. “Since this title role was played by Angie, I thought the look of the character should reflect mostly her own overall look. She had specific ideas about it and I worked with her to bring them to life – for example, it was actually her idea to add prosthetic to the face.”

The centerpiece of the collection comes in the form of the True Love’s Kiss – a bold, highly-pigmented red lipstick that looks set to sell out almost as it launches. With that in mind, MAC has created an online sign up page for when the collection goes on sale later this month, so don’t miss out… See highlights from the collection here.

Photos : Vogue

Mac-maleficent-1-Vogue-6may14-PR_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-1-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639 Mac-maleficent-2-Vogue-6may14-PR_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-2-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639 Mac-maleficent-3-Vogue-6may14-PR_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-3-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639 Mac-maleficent-4-Vogue-6may14-PR_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-4-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-5-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-6-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639 Mac-maleficent-7-Vogue-6may14-PR_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-10-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639 Mac-Maleficent-11-Vogue-7May14-pr_b_426x639

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