Uti is one of the baddest, most stylish men to ever grace the red carpet and screen, a once-in-a-generation storm of power, grace, and fully distilled swagger. He breaks fashion barriers wherever he goes, and his concepts of style and manliness have never been the same since he thrilled his way out of BBA. Stylish now and trending his way to the future, Uti Nwachukwu is our style Icon of the week

.Unknown copy amvcas-red-carpet-thefancyhub-28 79161b40bbb111e2a9d822000a9e29af_7 2 images Uti_Nwachukwu Uti-Muna-MAI-Wedding-August-2011-BellaNaija-007 Uti-Nwachukwu-Y-Magazine UTI-NWACHUKWU2 fd9ccb56-bdab-43a9-bd67-9bd756aff719

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