Remembering the GOLDEN DIVA!

Its been one year since her traumatic passing. And as each day passes, we realise that there might never be another GOLDIE. She was spectacular, her fashion, her charisma and all those breath taking videos have been missed. There will never be another Goldie, but she will forever be REMEMBERED!


Aye by Davido

An instant club banger, this song has the true African rhythm and beat. If you don’t move to this song, then you don’t love the taste of Africa. Although i still don’t understand what he means by “she dey do like Ronaldo”, but like a fool in love i am forced to dance along and forget my sorrows. Big ups Davido, We are loving the song!

Blood and Bones by IAMISIGO

A collection inspired by the beauty of the human body. IAMISIGO’s pieces radiate a unique combination of colors, style and self-exermination. God bless her for the gigantic inspiration and motivation this collection has added to the fashion industry. “BLOOD AND BONES” which was inspired by her journey into motherhood features a lot of mouth watering pieces and that every fashion lover would fall in love with a first sight.

“A collection created while I was pregnant, my body went through so many changes. My “blood” and my “bones” were creating another being, my son. My body inspired me to create a collection that reflects my innermost workings.”  – Bubu OgisiImageImageImagearImage

McMeka’s Redefinition of Masculinity.

Since his first collection, McMeka’s contributions to the world of Men’s Fashion haven’t  gone Un-noticed. He is a connoisseur of masculinity in all forms, he understands luxury and pays attention to the hyper-tailored tradition of a good bespoke brand. The S/S 14 collection, which featured trends like: The double-breasted blazer, The classic red suit and that orange, Red and Black checkered suit we all love and also bagged him the award for” young designer of the year” at the 2013 LFDW.  His defined taste in delivering well-detailed bespoke pieces, guaranty than the McMeka brand has come to stay.(This article first appeared on

Mcmeka's 2014 collection